With each and everyConcrete Plant, a Concrete Mixer is at its heart, which is a combination you can always rely on.. Achieving the desired homogeneity and workability of modern concrete mixtures, within the shortest period possible, is often the most critical phase of concrete production, therefore, the need for reliable, high quality mixing equipment is essential.

Camelway offers an extensive range of high performance concrete mixers – Single-Shaft, Twin-Shaft, Planetary or Pan with variety of different capacities, ensuring we comply with every concrete mixing requirement. 

Camelway Twin-Shaft concrete mixers offer long life, as they are 5-10% heavier than most of their equivalents on the market today, due to their robust steel structure and thick interior abrasion proof linings.

Twin-Shaft Mixer paddle structure has been specifically designed for strength and abrasion resistance. Each Pallet group has been reinforced against failure, and the concave structure, improves life expectancy. The design and quality of our mixer paddle structures, are market leading and the quality is often compared to many German products on the market today.